Wednesday, October 10, 2007

pigs ears, colour coding and sock patterns

it is early morning on the east coast of australia and i just tried to take the dogs for a run on the beach only to find it is covered with bluebottles. i dont mean a few, i mean a carpet. as we came round the point i thought oh, lots of shells on the beach this morning. only to discover they were little blue jelly nasties. jem has a habit of rolling in things so i took them straight home again. unpleasant. i assume this is because of the nor-easters from the storms they are having up north.

so, i will have to take them to the park instead this arvo, and here they are at home with their compensatory dried pigs ears.

they are not happy because i am making them wait. good puppies.

the other day i mentioned colour coding the pensky file. here it is:

i am working on a chapter that is purely primary source driven, that is, a collation of all the material i could find in the archives etc about the group of people im writing about. i did this part of my research more than three years ago and because i did not have my theory worked out then, i was not sure what parts of it would be relevant. so when i sat down to write i realised i had no idea what i had to write about. so, now that i have my 'categories of analysis' sorted out, i have to go back and re-read it and tag everything with a colour post-it note depending on which category it refers to. this is time consuming and labourious but at least it is re-familiarising myself with my sources. the writing should be relatively simple now.

and who said i wasnt pensky material?!

meanwhile, i have made some decisions about what wool for what sock pattern. i am going to heed everyones advice about using solid yarns with lace, and have talked to the german fibre whore about supplying some, and i am waiting to see what the birthday (note: 27th) throws up before ordering any koigu/lornas laces for the waving lace and embossed leaves patterns. in the meantime i am going to go ahead with the anne budd toe ups in the desert 5 ply, and also make jaywalkers out of this opal (a possible gift if i get them done in time) and this bamboo. this cotton remains temporarily pattern-less, although i am thinking it could cope with the pattern it is sitting on top of in that picture.

and, just because i was skiting the other day about how easy stocking stitch socks are now, and how ive figured out how to do it without a pattern, the knitting fairy decided that i would not be able to correctly measure 16 cms. can you see what im talking about:


they are going to be inside boots or under pants so it doesnt really matter but i do wonder where my head's at some days.

oh thats right, in the pensky file!

k xx


Georgie said...

Ooops. But, as you said, no biggie. And so very nearly finished!

And I love the expression on Possum's face!

mel said...

That should be your signature 'Amish'! Do it to all non-visible pairs (oh, then again, if your AR like me that will surely mess with your head) okay don't necessarily do it to all pairs but what I'm trying to say is don't worry this time. They are beautiful just the way they are! I still have to decide which sock pattern to go with for SSS. Beaudelaire has got 3 inches from a month ago, so I guess I'll pick it back up!

TinkingBell said...

It's that damn knitting black hole striking again - you knit and knit and nothing happens and you turn around and its 3 cms too long!!! I like the signature idea!

Bells said...

German Fibre Whore. he he

I cast on waving lace tonight and screwed it up. I'm going to bed in disgust.