Saturday, October 04, 2008

and again....

today it rained. we got wet.

instead of staying out of the rain like smart people, we left home at 6am to go sit in a wet and muddy paddock to have our dogs chase some sheep around.

here are the sheep:

as i mentioned yesterday, these are descendants of the orignal merinos bought to australia by the marine-turned-criminal-turned-farmer john macarthur and his wife elizabeth. they are kept at belgenny farm, the macarthurs first sheep farm, as a piece of living history. behind them is the original belgenny cottage, part of it dating back to 1810.

while i have my own rather contrary opinions about the legacy of white agricultural ventures in colonial australia, if it werent for the macarthurs and these sheep, i wouldnt be knitting, so i will keep the self-righteous hypocrsiy to a minimum.

as you can see, the dogs worked hard.

we are going back tomorrow for more, and considering i am about to lose an hours sleep with the advent of daylight saving, thats all folks.

k xx


2paw said...

I love those tired dogs: they've had a good day!!!

Bells said...

yes, I agree on the mixed feelings, but we love our wool and I'm sure these sheep are well cared for so it's all good.