Tuesday, October 07, 2008

hysterical wars

it was another ordinary day at the australian hysterical association, as some people i know have taken to calling it. it seems to fit, oddly, historians being a bit passionate at times. they like to dig out the knives every so often and stick them into the back of 'some old queen or other' (oooh look, smiths lyrics in the BODY of the post!)

fighting continues in the history wars, with our best and brightest being appointed to the prime ministers curriculum board, bringing out the usual charges of pinky leftie commies under the bed, again. like really people, didnt we do that one already? its all so last century...

meanwhile, 40 years since it was first named, the great australian silence continues. i am looking forward to seeing what rachel has to say about it.

but otherwise, as someone clever once said, nothing interesting happened today.



Michelle said...

One of my conditions of employment is to watch First Australians.

I think that's a pretty good condition, if you ask me.

Bells said...

I really, really am looking forward to this show.

Given I work in a related area to Michelle's I probably have to watch it for work too!