Tuesday, October 14, 2008

its only tuesday...edited

i wrote a very pathetic post last night that no one will bother reading, and then this morning i saw georges' day in the life post and thought, thats what i should have done. so there being no rules in blogtoberfest about editing a days post, here goes.

day 14 - october 14 - a day in the life.

5am: woke up to the irritating sound of one those annoying koel birds and the crash of the garbage truck. trent gets up, makes coffee. i snooze on and off till after 6.

6.30am: rush into shower, quick blowdry of hair (really these shiny silver streaks are getting a bit out of control), pack bag etc.

7am: give dogs pigs ear treats! get into car. trent is driving today as he has moved workplaces to the city, so its not too much of a detour to drop him there and then i proceed to my work.

7.40am: take control of car, wind through back streets of chinatown, up harris st, onto cleveland st (funny how the cross city tunnell hasnt really improved things here) onto anzac pde, turn into high st, then botany st, then in gate 11 and the botany st carpark.

7.55am: rush to bathroom. why is it morning coffee goes through me like that?

8am: buy tall skim latte (a freebie today because i have filled in my coffee card) from the charming boys at the coffee cart, they even stir in my fake sugar for me. nice. go into building, walk up three flights of stairs.

8.10-10.30am. get to my office, turn on computer, wade through pile of emails that have built up since last thursday. this is the problem with only working 2 days, there really is a lot to do when you get in there! have a rather heated email chat with one of our members in the US who wants to know why he is being sent a reminder to renew by next feb when he only joined "your god-damned organisation" in august (and i quote. i find it hard to believe any deity cares enough about our little society to damn it, but anyway) and i try to explain membership procedures etc, and tell him he doesnt have to be so rude. he apologises, i explain what a good deal he is getting given the fact that the aussie dollar was worth 70 US cents yesterday, and we agree that we have not strained US-Australian relations too badly. but sheesh, some people are amazing!

10.30. start processing membership renewals (i have had 3 complaints and 30 renewals, so some people dont have a problem), only to find that i have no idea how to use the little gizmo my tech support has added to my database over the weekend. ring said tech support. breathe deeply. we get through that ok without a major argument. continue processing memberships.

12.30 stop for lunch. i managed to remember to give trent a left over stir fry for his lunch but forgot about myself, so i go downstairs to the southern wok and buy 'two choices, steam rice'. sambal vegetables, beef in black bean. coke zero. eat at my desk, reading the sydney morning herald online. decide the world is indeed going to hell in a handbasket.

1.30pm shuffling papers when my boss walks in. i give him a pile of contributors copyright agreements (we publish a little journal) for him to sign and then we talk about what i need to do while he is away for 2 months and i basically run the shop. there are some interesting things coming up, including the premiers history awards on oct 27, i dont know if i want to go tho, it being birthday day and all.

3.00pm, take an early mark, because i have to get home in time for the lawn mower man who is coming to look at the ride on which stopped suddenly in mid-mow on sunday.

3.10pm get really annoyed at the petrol station because its supposed to be cheap tuesday but it isnt, and there is only one petrol pump working, and now i am late.

3.20pm nearly run over renegade student pedestrians crossing anzac pde against the lights. fookin' stoodents, as noel gallagher put it so aptly once.

3.50pm arrive at my local shops, run in and buy bread, cereal and margarine, rush home, get out of car just as lawn mower man arrives. i dont even have time to pee or say hi to the dogs, because he is busy explaining the under-engine pulley system to me and how this belt has come loose and you really have to watch out for sticks. um, der. but anyway, he fixes it so im happy.

4.30pm let dogs out for run, go back inside, forget to close gate. turn on oven, defrost chook for dinner.

5.15pm peel veges, put in oven. go downstairs to hang towels out on line to discover two dogs missing. ask possum where they are, she looks across the paddock. sure enough jem has seen me and comes running, huge grin on his face, followed closely by his mortal enemy (but now his bestest buddy), kostya, the adopted dog, who is also grinning like he just saw something totally cool. they get close and i cringe. they have rolled in something. something vile. evil beyond words. they think they are the cleverest pair of dogs ever to put paws on this earth.

5.30-5.45pm wash dogs.

5.45-6.30pm iron some clothes.

6.30 dinner is ready and trent arrives home (we are storing a car here for someone, so he had to go pick it from her on his way home). he tells me to come outside, says that our someone has been clearing out her pantry and wonders whether we want some stuff. there are four milk crates and two cardboard boxes full of grocery items, unopened, including breakfast cereals, microwave popcorns, canned soup, jars of plum sauce (??), tin vegies, and an alarming amount of canned beans and lentils. we eat dinner first (roast chook and vegies) before packing it away.

8.15-10pm. finally repair to the couch. trent does some ironing, the phone rings, first australians start. i start the decrease rows on clappy - i am not sure if i have enough for another set of straight rows so decide not to risk it. i discover a potential problem with clappy - some dropped stitches have ravelled across ways in two places ( i must not have done the ktbl stitches there properly). i pout a bit, but i think it will be ok. during this time i also write a very pathetic blog post, which only bells has commented on, and i have now edited away).

10 something. get ready for bed, get into bed, watch rush, go to sleep.



Bells said...

I feel one of these posts coming on. I really do.

Bells said...

A-ha! Nice one.

A lot of bodily function discussion in this post. My morning tea always means I go straigh to the loo once I get to my floor, too. Always.

You do a lot of ironing!

Rose Red said...

Hmmm, too much ironing! I buy clothes that don't need to be ironed (at least, that's what I tell myself! My mother still seems to think they need ironing when she comes to visit).

Glad the US-Australia relationships haven't been strained too much!

TinkingBell said...

Can we swap days? Mine sucked! How are the socks coming along? I only get to catch up about once a week now and kids interrupt all the time - but I'm loving everyone else's Blogtober!

Bells said...

oh no! Where is your Day 15 post???!!!