Monday, October 13, 2008

friends, romans, countrymen...*

you know where im going with that of course, and its all i can think of whenever i think of todays word for blogtoberfest, ie, LEND.

but you dont need to lend me your ears, or your umbrellas, but i did want to take this chance to talk about how much lending has become a part of my knitting experience.

someone once said you keep what you have by giving it away and i think this is really the case when it comes to knitting. i have become a much better knitter because of the willingness of others to lend me their expertise, from ms spider with her sock lessons in civic starbucks (i hope she is proud of her protege who is now seriously addicted and can knit a sock sans pattern), to the pattern designers i will never meet in places likes and ravelry, who sweat for hours working out their clever designs and let us download them for free.

as a writer, this is the most generous act for me, to lend your intellectual property. i am not good at it. i noticed a sign at uni today for a seminar being presented by one of my former, um, colleagues. the ideas he is going to present seem rather familiar. a little bit too familiar, if you know what i mean. a part of me wants to go knock on his door and throw a little tanty (esp given he gave me grief about those ideas) but another part of me just shrugs and thinks, well i knew they were good!

so thank you to all the knitters out there who lend me their ears everytime i have a problem, or the pattern reading fairy strikes, or i run out of inspiration, and to all the knitters who share their creativity for our benefit, and to all the knitters who have given up their day jobs to create the websites to facilitate our addictions :)

oh, i got an interview for 'that museum job', by the way (its not till november 10 so dont hold your breath). and i had one student out of 30 who had watched first australians. it was great. go watch it. go. now.

k xx

ps. as i type this, i am watching people on 4 corners talk about predatory LENDing in the US mortgage market, which im sure i could find a way to incorporate into todays post, but i will refrain. im sure we've all had more than we can take on The Global Financial Crisis, which our PM has recently likened to an on going act of terrorism. chickens come home to roost more like....

* Julius Caesar Act 3, Sc II.


happyspider said...

i am proud when a student of mine produces a stitch! You exploded all expectations :)
poor is the student who does not soon exceed the master, right?

Georgie said...

I had to go with "this is" for my post today, because JC was all I could think about for the last two days too!!

Great post though, very thought-provoking. Great news about the interview too!

Bells said...

Oh yes, I kept playing around with lend me your ears, too. In the end, the brolly thing just happened!

i think many of us have Happyspider to thank for early sock lessons.

2paw said...

Good luck for the Museum thing. You are so right about some people 'borrowing' the previously spurned ideas of others. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but somehow the imitatee never feels that way!!!

Rose Red said...

mmmm November 10 - an auspicious day. I am sure good things will happen for you on that day.

Nice post.

But how many watched Australian Idol??!!