Sunday, October 05, 2008

mixed emotions

we are home early from another day avoiding the rain and chasing sheep. if me and my possum worked sheep everyday i think we'd be pretty good at it, she is a natural of course but her stupid handler often gets in the way. like today, i felt like my brain was as thick as the mud i was wading through. partly this is because we stuffed up on the daylight saving switch thing, thinking that our mobile phones would make the change automatically. wrong. so we got up at 6 instead of 5 and had to shower and leave, no coffee. in the haste to leave we forgot to take our mobile coffee pot. it was at least 9am (or is that 8am?) before i got some caffeine. this set me back all day!

and now we are waiting for the kickoff in the rugby league grand final, in which trents team is playing. his team is the manly sea eagles. they are possibly the most hated team in the league, but considering he was born in manly hospital, he gets to go for them. now we are living deep in manly territory. houses and shopping centres and bridges and people have been walking around all this week draped in manly colours, maroon and white. i cant tell you how uncomfortable this makes me. i was born and bred on the southern beaches, my dad played for the rabbits and i grew up in cronulla. cronulla are my usual team (tho they are so useless i gave up on them years ago). the thing is, cronullas mortal enemy is manly. everytime we have been in a grandfinal, it was against manly, and we have been always denied. hatred of manly, if you live in cronulla, is a way of life. so it makes me queasy to be around so much maroon and white.

my problem tho is two fold. the other team today is melbourne. why would i want a melbourne team to win? i wouldnt. and i want trent to be happy. but i cant go for manly. i just cant. so there is no joy for me in rugby league today, either way. but its 2 or 3 hours where i get to sit and knit uninterrupted, so thats what i'll be doing.

the problem there is i dont know whether to do socks or clapotis....


k xx


Michelle said...

I cannot STAND Manly.

I also cannot stand Storm.

But Storm are the lesser of 2 evils, so ...

Go Raiders in the under 20s!!

Bells said...

can't help you on the football stuff.

But you should do clappy. Just because it needs to be finished before it's too hot to work on it!

Rose Red said...

Oh I am SO WITH YOU on Manly. Gick. Last year a work colleague who lives in the Manly region wore Manly ribbons in her hair. TO WORK! OMG. Thankfully this year she's on leave so I don't have to hear all about it.

But I am happy for Trent at least - it is good to have your team win.