Friday, October 24, 2008

the last post...

...of my thirties. well i think so anyway. today i am off to the shops to buy all the goodies for munchies for the party - without wanting to spoil anything lets just say ingredients are things like wanton wrappers, crab meat, sashimi tuna, proscuitto, smoked salmon and blue cheese. i am a bit nervous about making fancy canape type things but i went so far as to buy an actual cookbook, and have had a few tips, so i think i should be right. then i must return to clean house properly, and finish making up guest bedrooms, and trent will be setting up gazebos and scooping leaves out of the pool etc. it has been pouring rain the last two days and everything is pretty damp and wind blown, but today has dawned sunny and clear. i take this as a good sign.

in knitterly business, bells and george and donna blogged about their favourite knit things and even tho i am a blogtoberfest loser, this is a nice moment to pause and reflect. i dont have to reflect too far - while i am quite proud of the jumpers that i have made trent along the way, the favourite thing of mine is the shetland shawl version number two. i like it so much i have taken to using it as household decoration:

this is going to necessitate a wash and reblock, but now that i know how to block lace properly i am not so worried about that.

i am being a bit quiet on the southernsummerofsocks front because i am making secret christmas present socks, and i cant blog them. i like how they are coming along tho. and because life doesnt feel right unless i am making socks for trent, i cast on these last night:

gentlemans sock with lozenge pattern (from knitting vintage socks - i think i want to make everything in this book), in heirloom easy care. he wears his knit socks so often they really need to be machine washable. he also needs many more pairs.

with three pairs of socks on the needles, things were feeling a little unbalanced. i cant start my lace just yet because i need to wind up the skeins of alpaky and i am hoping the fact that someone rang me the other day saying 'where is tapestry craft and what is that swiffer thing you want?' means the birthday may bring something to help in this department.

so i told that someone last night that i needed to start a new garment and i wanted to make him another jumper. i had shown him the cobblestone pattern when it first came out but he ummed and ahhed, i pulled it out again last night and he was like 'oh yes thats nice, make that' so i go get shade cards and he immediately chooses jo sharp dk in brick (the fifth colour in that shade card). you dont want to think about that? no he doesnt:

i am very happy about this, it is legally sanctioned stash enhancement, and a new big project. im a happy camper today. see how easy it is to make me happy honey?

see you on the flip side...

k xx


Michelle said...

1. Have a wonderful birthday
2. And party
3. I wish I was there, I really do.
4. I'll be thinking of you all weekend
5. Trent is a bit of a catch, I believe
6. LOVE the brick colour. It's another Good Red.

Bells said...

Wow, he chose spectacularly well. I can't wait til you start making this.

I love your red shetland, too. It was the inspiration for mine and next winter, I too will have one in heavier wool.

See you tomorrow! It's gonna be SO GOOD!

Rose Red said...

I'm a big fan of knitted items used as household decoration. Even non-knitted items (ie yarn!) makes a very good table centre.

I love that sock book and that pattern in particular - although like you I pretty much want to make all of Nancy Bush's sock patterns - she is a sockstar!

Trent - what a lucky guy to have you making him jumpers!

m1k1 said...

Many wishes for a very happy birthday. It sounds like you have all the ingredients.

Fern Wickson said...

Have a super wonderful birthday Kylie and party like, well, its your birthday :) All those tasty treats you are going to make almost make me want to crash it. Long flight though...would probably miss it even if I left now.

Oh, and can you knit me the man in that gorgeous looking pattern??

Olivia said...

Happy birthday Kylie! I think I might be a day late now (though I think birthdays should be stretch out anyway, or that's the excuse I always use).

Anyway I hope you had a great birthday and party!