Sunday, October 12, 2008

a day in the wild

welcome to day 12 of blogtoberfest. nothing as poetic as yesterdays effort im afraid, but we have a button!

it was a beautiful sunny day here but i didnt get a chance to take any more photos of adventure boy on his mower again (yes its that big. 5 acres big and those mowers take a bit of getting used to!). and then just when you get used to it, it stops going forward. there was some belt thing that fell off, and we were in the middle of fixing it when the strangers-into-family arrived.

this also meant that i didnt get a chance to take a photo of the goanna that appeared in the long grass left around the fence line. it sat in the sun for a while and then disappeared. yesterday we fished a small lizard out of the pool. a week ago a duck flew in and swam around in the pool for a while. the spiders are out in force. everyday there are cockatoos and lorrikeets hanging off the bottlebrush trees. and then there are the pests - the bush rats and the rabbits. its a jungle out there!

so the rest of the afternoon was spent with the kids in the pool, and then chasing rabbits, and then cooking dinner together, and then the washing and wiping up, and now we are exhausted, waiting for the first australians to start.

briefly on the knitting front, i am joining bells in her long lacy summer, apart from my usual lace socks to which i am so utterly addicted, i have some special yarn set aside for a particular project that i will blog about when i start it. in other news, i have frogged the floating blossom socks, the design is too pretty to be lost in a busy yarn, but i had a brainwave about what else that yarn should be and it is perfect, i cant believe i didnt think of it before, but i am saying no more as they are going to be a gift, and i have already nearly spoilt the surprise.

tomorrow i am back to wollongong for my second last day of teaching. i did get all my marking done finally, but i cant wait for this semester to be over and to not have to have anything much to do with Gen Y for another summer. maybe even not ever again. some of them are lovely. some of them are really frickin' painful.

whats the bet when i ask them tomorrow in their first year australian history class that ZERO percent of them watched the first australians?

k xx


Rose Red said...

Will I get in trouble, Miss, if I say I don't know what The First Australians is?? Perhaps you should ask them who watched Australian Idol instead!!

The most wildlife I get is a funny pigeon bird walking in my house and eating the cat food!! Bold as brass, it is!

Bells said...

We have taped The First Australians and will watch the first two episodes back to back during the week.

Shame on RoseRed!!!

What a wonderful wildlife park you have for a home now!

Michelle said...

Shit! I forgot to tape it! It was my homework for this week, too.

I'd better try and find it online, and tape Tuesday night's one as well.

kms said...

heh heh, i dont mean everyone has to watch it, but it would help if you were studying for a degree in australian history!