Monday, October 06, 2008

the morning after...

this blogtoberfest thing makes me feel like i no sooner blogged than i have to blog again! who will have time to keep up?! what will i say tomorrow when i am doing nothing interesting but going to work?!

anyway, today is a long weekend, which some people think is appropriate given the result of the football game last night. let us speak no more of that.

it has been raining all weekend in lovely heavy showers followed by constant drizzle, last night we went outside before bed to find the house encircled in a true scotch mist. all this wet is making everything so green, its the type of green that hurts your eyes:

it is also the type of wet that has me inside on a holiday doing this:

i believe this will be penultimate lot of marking ever, if i am lucky. (i have applied for another 2 day a week job doing some research for a museum but i dont want to jinx it so am not going to talk about it anymore...). regardless of how that turns out, i am determined to not get sucked into the trap of academic jobs, which are all about teaching and not about research these days, and i didnt spend 10 years at uni to become a glorified babysitter.

meanwhile, i have a knitting question. i have restarted my tinkingbell socks with the cherry tree hill yarn on 2.5mm needles because the pattern wasnt working on the 3mms and such fine yarn. thing is, i am not entirely sure it will work with this yarn, it being variegated. the pattern is not standing out like it would in a solid colour, but even so, there is something about this i quite like:

the colours are darker than this in real light and it has a lovely aztec feel to it. but im not sure. what do you think? should the floating blossom socks only be done in solid yarns, or is this worth pursuing?



Bells said...

I feel the same way about posting daily. It's too much! I am trying to space them as far apart as possible!

You know, I really, really think the socks should be done in solid or semi solid. A semi solid would be really nice. Do you have any? Maybe you should wait and see what the birthday brings you? :-)

Fernicle said...

The sock looks lovely!
The marking looks horrible!
And the green looks simply unbelievable!

Michelle said...

Do it. And then make another pair of Tinkingbell socks in plain or heathered. Just so you can see the difference and appreciate both. That's what I'm doing with my current socks and the last socks same pattern. Different yarn. It's like a science experiment on perceptions, only crafty!

Rose Red said...

I quite like that sock in that yarn you know. Normally I would say lacy patterns should be done in solid or semi-solid, but I think that yarn colour works quite well. I like Michelle's experiment idea too!

(in my "quiet" voice: good luck for the job!)