Friday, October 17, 2008


i have to start this post by admitting i am not feeling very Zen right now. tinkingbell reminded me that magic happens, and she made me laugh out loud because i really am one of those people who would go rip those stickers off peoples cars if i could and wants to smash a radio everytime it plays 'dont worry be happy'. in other words, i am not much of a pollyanna.

and i am really pissed right now - i dont understand why some employers think it is ok to go into receivership and not to pay their employees their wages and superannuation - why does the government let it happen? do i get away with not paying my taxes because things are a bit tight right now? no i dont. so you know, im pissed. its theft, plain and simple, and its really put a lot of strain on us right now when we could really do without it.

and i am really pissed at some people right now. i am a good friend really. it takes a while for me to open up but when i do, i am pretty much 100%. but i am a scorpio...if you hurt me, i might forgive once, but not twice. and there are some people who have tested my patience sorely this year. one of the benefits of turning 40 appears to be a feeling that life is too short to deal with that sort of shit. i am not an emotional prostitute. so, enough already.

that said, there is a lot of magic around at the moment. a party to plan and some good strong people who make me laugh. and look, i finished clappy!

i have been so busy finishing off my nursing research project today that i havent got around to blocking it yet, but it really is lovely. i made it narrower than the pattern but did more straight rows, so it is very long, longer than i am tall (but then, i am only 5 foot), but its a lovely light weight scarf and will come up great with blocking. i like how sophisticated and modern looking a pattern it is, interesting without being busy, clever without being hard.

also, i did frog the floating blossom socks, sorry tink, but have started something else that is much better suited to the yarn.

this is the start of the cuff and about as much as you are going to see as they are a christmas present.

and check this out for magic, a very big fog on the hawkesbury the other morning came rolling in and surrounded the house completely:

magic indeed.

k xx


Rose Red said...

The fog pics are great - I love being at work when it's foggy below my level - it's like I could be floating anywhere in the world, or even the universe, as I can't see anything below me.

Clappy looks great - you are right, it is such a modern looking pattern. It's fab.

Bells said...

oh I know several of you scorpio types and yes, you're all there 100%. Good types.

That fog! That clappy! Wow, I think the colour is gorgeous. It is truly one of loveliest clappies I've seen. I bet you're glad to have it Off The Needles!

2paw said...

happy Clappy to you!! I read sopmewhere, or saw, that a scarf should be equal to your height/armspan. Tall people must have to knit more!!!

Kuka said...

oh, i love your clappy - it looks so soft!

Fernicle said...

bought a T shirt in Amsterdam the other day that reads 'Magic is just stuff science hasn't made boring yet'. Gonna wear it when teaching to remind the scientists that magic is alive and well in the universe.
Sending you love and lots of pollyanna vibes xxx

m1k1 said...

I think if you're looking for a bit of Zen, then the view from your house must be almost there.
If you don't regularly look at Kimono Reincarnate's site, have a look at her post from the other day to see the calming spot she found in Kyoto
Your foggy pictures - her garden view - I can almost feel the calm coming through the screen.
May the grrrrrrrrr you were feeling dissolve into ommmmmmmm.

And I love the clapotis, of course.

TinkingBell said...

See - told you so! Nyah nyah!

Love the clappy -absolutely gorgeous! Sorry - I am rather an optimistic type - strange considering how much shit has happpened to me, but here you go!

I love th etshirt - magic is not stuff science has made boring - I'll have to remember that!

Caffeine Faerie said...

Go the Scorpio!

Your clappy looks fabulous, and it's completely okay to be pissed off with the stupidity and callousness of the world.

Magic is everywhere, you just need to be quiet and pay attention to the small things. The things you usually don't notice - but are always there.

*bug hugs*