Tuesday, October 28, 2008

i know you love red....

QM has already talked about what a great colour red is, and i tend to agree. when i thanked her for my lovely sock box, she commented that she knew i loved red. she may be on to something here. i had to go to the RTA to renew my license yesterday and i put the sock box in my bag just in case there was a queue. this is what i saw:


there was a theme in my birthday present yarn too, all shades of purple and red:

i should expand my repertoire, but really, why? they're so pretty - see:

the problem with this tho is that i am not entirely sure that cambria is working out how she is supposed to.... note to self, dont try and knit late at night when tired. i kept losing track of where i was. i think im going to frog it cos im pretty sure its not right....


k xx


Rose Red said...

Great idea for a post! Love your red bag and contents!!!

I don't know about Cambria, it looks good to me, but lace can be quite deceiving I think when unblocked.

Michelle said...

See? I KNEW you loved red!

(besides, it's in your rav profile ...)

TinkingBell said...

Happy ahppy happy birthday.

Welcome to 40 - glad you've come to share the 40s with me!

m1k1 said...

Try what Dianne suggested the other day - can't remember where, maybe a comment somewhere. Knit up just a few repeats of the pattern to get a feel for it before committing to the whole beast! bluestocking5 has a good closeup of the pattern on her rav pictures too, if that helps. Is the pattern graphed or text? Make your own graph if it isn't. That also helps.
What a yummy colour!

Bells said...

yeah I'm with Michelle - it's in the Rav profile. I went looking to confirm my suspicions about red and discovered the purple fetish at the same time.

Stick with Cambria for a bit. Or not. I'm all for giving up on lace that's not doing it for you. It's too much trouble to persist with something that's not making your heart sing.